Summer 2022 Student Projects

Julia Burton

Class of 2023Major: Environmental Resource Management Minor: Sustainability Leadership, Environmental Engineering, Watersheds and Water ResourcesCommunity Partner: Tree Pittsburgh

During her summer internship with Tree Pittsburgh, Julia helped with the organization’s goal to restore and protect the urban forest. She learned about the importance of planting native trees to benefit the community and preserve life on land. Throughout the summer, Julia worked in the Heritage Nursery to assist in watering, fertilizing, transplanting, weeding, and propagating seeds with the Tree Pittsburgh team and their network of volunteers.

Julia Cornell

Class of 2022Major: GeographyCommunity Partner: City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning

This summer, Julia worked within the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning and collaborated with other departments including Public Works Forestry Division and Public Safety Park Rangers. She also focused on the benefits of the city’s Tree Canopy Alliance and Shade Tree Commission, and how both projects are helping to combat environmental racism in the Pittsburgh community.

Olivia DiPrinzio

Class of 2024Major: Earth Science and Policy
Minor: Sustainability Leadership
Community Partner: Green Building Alliance

Olivia spent her summer City Semester internship with Green Building Alliance — an organization dedicated to advancing innovation and thriving communities by improving the built environment. Olivia worked with the team on various projects and learned how buildings in urban areas can affect the climate, social equity, and human health. She collaborated on projects and initiatives that focus on educating and empowering others to cut energy use and emissions and incorporate green infrastructure.

Maia Egan

Class of 2023Major: Landscape ArchitectureMinor: Sustainability LeadershipCommunity Partner: Grounded Strategies

As an intern with Grounded Strategies this summer, Maia explored the idea of environmental justice and environmental racism when it comes to vacant lots. She helped the team in their mission to create more access to green spaces and transform under-utilized land in vulnerable neighborhoods. Throughout the summer, Maia advocated for one neighborhood by developing a design and proposal for an edible garden to be installed next to the African Healing Garden in Larimer.

Sarah Fetter

Class of 2024Major: Earth SciencesMinor: Sustainability LeadershipCommunity Partner: Covestro  

Sarah spent her summer interning with Covestro, a leading supplier of premium polymers aiming to be climate neutral by 2035. Over the course of her internship, Sarah participated in the intern sustainability challenge and worked with her team to examine ways for Covestro to approach alternative energies. They developed a holistic report on realistic sustainable energy to present to Covestro leadership and mentors and won the annual challenge!

Emily Hauryski

Class of 2023Major: Geography, Media StudiesCommunity Partner: Pennsylvania Solar Center

During her internship with the PA Solar Center this summer, Emily worked to spread awareness and education about solar energy and create clean energy for the city of Pittsburgh. She focused on solar panels and how they can benefit the community on an individual, business, or municipality level. She also assisted with the G.E.T. Solar program, which helps businesses navigate the process of adopting solar energy.

Adam Kurtz

Class of 2023Major: Environmental Resource Management
Minor: Watersheds and Water Resources
Community Partner: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania – Buffalo Creek Watershed

This summer, Adam interned with the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania and focused on the Buffalo Creek Nature Park. He worked alongside scientists and community members to address water quality and pollution in Buffalo Creek watershed, which flows into the Allegheny River and affects downstream communities. Adam’s time with the organization allowed him to better understand watershed management and the need for clean water.

Hannah Luckenbaugh

Class of 2023Major: Earth Science and PolicyCommunity Partner: Pennsylvania Solar Center

During her summer internship, Hannah worked with PA Solar Center on policy, research, education, and outreach. She focused on proposed legislation to bring a community solar model to the state, which can provide enhanced access to solar to those who may not have the physical or economic resources. Hannah also had the opportunity to travel to Harrisburg to meet with legislators about the organization’s current projects and pursuits.

Lydia Neuhauser

Class of 2023Major: Global and International StudiesMinor: Sustainability LeadershipCommunity Partner: Audubon Society of Western PA – Beechwood Farms

Throughout the summer, Lydia worked as an environmental education intern with the Audubon Society of Western PA to support and enhance their outdoor education programming. She planned and directed nature summer camps for children in grades K–6, facilitating memorable experiences for children to connect with and develop a love for nature.

Julia West

Class of 2023Major: Landscape ArchitectureMinor: Sustainability Leadership
Community Partner: LaQuatra Bonci Associates

Julia spent her summer interning with LaQuatra Bonci Associates. She assisted in documenting design projects focusing on the transformation of the Larimer neighborhood in Pittsburgh through their U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods grant. Through this opportunity, Julia explored how civic engagement, diverse housing types, proper infrastructure, and sustainable features can lead to an affordable and sustainable community for all.

Jackie Zheng

Class of 2025Major: ArchitectureCommunity Partner: Riverlife

This summer, Jackie interned at Riverlife and helped leaders of the organization in their mission to activate and celebrate the city’s rivers. He spent the semester assisting in project planning, design, and community outreach. Jackie’s work focused on the organization’s masterplan for The Loop — 15 miles of riverfront space around Downtown that will provide better connectivity, safety, and inclusivity for the community.