Connecting the Pittsburgh region with Penn State resources

Penn State Center Pittsburgh connects the Pittsburgh region with the University’s faculty, staff, and programs to support sustainable communities through research, local outreach, engaged scholarship, and educational opportunities.


Top 10 Reasons to Participate in City Semester

The City Semester Pittsburgh program is an immersive experience for Penn State students to live and learn in a dynamic city. Students in the program are placed with a community partner for an internship, joining other program cohorts for a 400-level course in urban sustainability, and building a professional network in the community. Following are…

Professional Industry Courses

It is imperative that industry professionals be constantly learning in their fields and staying on top of the latest trends and updates in their regions. Penn State Center Pittsburgh provides engaging opportunities throughout the year for professionals in design, landscape architecture, infrastructure, and similar fields to attend training courses and industry events to expand their…

CITY Student Kickoff

Two days a week, a group of high school students has been gathering after school at Penn State Center Pittsburgh to explore the future, learn from others, and make an impact through CITY. Each school year, the CITY (Community Innovation Training for Youth) program provides students with unique out-of-classroom learning experiences and aims to help…