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Connecting the Pittsburgh region with Penn State resources

Penn State Center Pittsburgh connects the Pittsburgh region with the University’s faculty, staff, and programs to support sustainable and equitable  communities through research, local outreach, engaged scholarship, and educational opportunities.


Students Work to Educate Pennsylvanians about Benefits of Renewable Energy

Penn State Center Pittsburgh’s City Semester students are working virtually on the Pennsylvania Solar Center’s Renew PA Works campaign in an effort to educate Pennsylvanians about the benefits of renewable energy, including job creation. Sharon Pillar, founder and executive director of the Pennsylvania Solar Center — a nonprofit organization committed to helping Pennsylvania businesses, nonprofits…

Landscape Architecture Project Develops Plans to Improve Parts of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Students in the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at Penn State made the community their classroom by designing a system of restorative and interactive public spaces in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood. Their project is a collaboration between the Penn State Center Pittsburgh, the College of Arts and Architecture, and most importantly, the…