Penn State Faculty

Urban Community Engagement

Who We Are:

Penn State Center Pittsburgh exemplifies Penn State's commitment, as a land-grant university, to transfer research-based practice into community problem-solving in Pittsburgh. Our in-depth knowledge of the Pittsburgh region and our relationship with local communities and organizations connect Penn State faculty to urban engagement opportunities.

What We Do:

We help facilitate the logistics necessary for faculty and students from University Park and other campuses to access Allegheny County communities to help address challenges.

We work with local communities, governments, nonprofits, and corporations to identify challenges. We then link Penn State faculty and students interested in applying their research or teaching activities to solving problems and identifying opportunities. The urban environment of Pittsburgh offers a dynamic setting and unique issues that most students don't get to experience at other Penn State campuses, including University Park.

Engagement staff is available to see projects through from beginning to end.

How We Can Help the Community:

Faculty and student urban engagement projects include targeted neighborhood revitalization, direct technical assistance, demonstrations, studios, and classroom instruction. These projects typically support one of our areas of focus that help Pittsburgh thrive: community development, environment and natural resources, and quality of life.

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