Penn State Students

Guiding Penn State students to career development, community engagement, and experiential learning in Pittsburgh

Penn State Center Pittsburgh offers students a variety of engaged scholarship and community engagement opportunities. We work with faculty and staff from Penn State colleges, institutes and Commonwealth campuses to direct students to promising capstone projects, volunteer opportunities, and engagement related to their independent study or current course work.

Penn State students can gain valuable experience and knowledge through community services projects, internships, and immersive learning experiences in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh region provides urban learning experiences within driving distance from all Penn State Commonwealth campuses, and the University Park campus.

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Opportunities for Students:

City Semester Pittsburgh

City Semester Pittsburgh is a unique learning experience for Penn State students of all majors and backgrounds who would like spend a semester learning about sustainability in Pittsburgh’s urban setting. Students can apply to the program and earn credits while exploring real-world issues in climate action, architectural design, clean energy, landscape architecture, urban equality, education, and more.

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Pittsburgh Internships

Through our internship program, Penn State students are matched with industry partners for in-person or remote internships. Students will have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in various fields and connect with diverse communities, while earning credits and contributing to the local community.

Career Engagement Symposiums

Many Penn State groups and classes travel to Pittsburgh for one-day excursions at the Center, where they engage with local professionals and practitioners in their field (many of whom are Penn State alum). Students connect with potential employers and mentors for experiences and advice.

Regional Student Engagement Expo

Each year, students from Penn State’s Beaver, Fayette, Greater Allegheny, and New Kensington campuses join us at Penn State Center Pittsburgh to showcase their work. Students have the opportunity to network with local professionals and peers and speak about their recent engagement work.

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