Project 15206

A two year initiative known as Project 15206, will address stormwater mitigation through community outreach, public policy and ordinance examination, design, and construction of green infrastructure within zipcode 15206 (seven neighborhoods of the city of Pittsburgh – Morningside; Highland Park; Larimer; East Liberty; Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar; Stanton Heights; and Friendship).

Project 15206 is a collaborative effort of community, governmental, academic and philanthropic institutions with The Penn State Center Pittsburgh serving as overall project manager in partnership with Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. There are four committees including Community Outreach and Student Engagement, Site Selection and Green Infrastructure, Public Policy and Professional Development, and Fundraising. To date, through detailed analysis, 10 sites have been chosen for green infrastructure design and implementation. Via extensive community outreach, approximately 400 rain containers have been committed to interested property owners with installation by summer youth starting late June.

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