About Us

Penn State Center Pittsburgh facilitates solutions-oriented research, learning, and applied best practices to inform decisions on critical community issues. As Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, Penn State is charged with education, research, and public service for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth. Through partnerships and collaboration, Penn State Center Pittsburgh assures that this mission endures in the twenty-first-century Pittsburgh area.

We helped transform the former Connelley Trade School welding shop into our new offices in the Energy Innovation Center. In this impressive, multiuse facility, we are better equipped to offer individuals, communities, businesses, and students a range of unique, collaborative, and relevant learning opportunities.

Penn State Center Pittsburgh is growing to strengthen the connection between Penn State resources and local community needs, and we invite you to join us as we contribute to help make the Greater Pittsburgh area an exceptional place to live, grow, and succeed.

Join us as we:

Strengthen Communities and Families

  • Delivering community-based adult education where you live
  • Giving residents local access to Penn State degrees and certifications
  • Involving Penn State faculty and students in issues relevant to local communities

Create a Bridge to Success for Pittsburgh Leaders

  • Providing research-based information to local government, community organizers, and corporate leaders
  • Partnering with academic institutions to further Pittsburgh's development as a progressive city

 Support Businesses and Corporations

  • Sharing the most recent knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods
  • Offering resources to help businesses succeed and create jobs, emphasizing green jobs
  • Developing and retaining Pennsylvania's highest-quality workforce
  • Furthering research and development to discover better products and processes