Strategic Program Areas

Our work focuses on three areas of impact that help us prioritize and drive our programs. These projects ensure that we have a positive impact on the Pittsburgh area. We utilize the knowledge and resources from Penn State and the Allegheny County area to help the Pittsburgh region thrive and grow. So far, our collaborative work has benefited 40 city neighborhoods and 30 municipalities in Allegheny County.

Community and Economic Development

Our comprehensive programming allows local businesses to grow and profit and provides communities with opportunities to utilize their resources more efficiently. Our community and economic development projects include:

  • community initiatives
  • alternative and renewable energy
  • food policy
  • business development and entrepreneurship

Environment and Natural Resources

We help improve the environment by providing sustainability education and applying expert knowledge to environmental and horticultural projects throughout the Allegheny County region. Our environmental and horticultural projects include:

  • water quality and green infrastructure design and professional development
  • urban design
  • natural systems

Quality of Life

We help enrich the lives of Allegheny County residents through community education, health-focused initiatives, and art programming. Our quality of life programs include:

  • youth development
  • nutrition and food safety education
  • the arts and arts education